Traveling the Mediterranean

All of our Menus can be tailored to suit Gluten Free, Organic or Vegetarian appetites. Below are just a few samples of the possibilities. Chef Anna is always more than happy to mix, match and adjust to suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Mediterranean Menu

One of our Chef Anna’s passions has always been Mediterranean Flavors, not just Greek but throughout the Mediterranean Sea from Spain and Italy to Greece and Turkey and North Africa. Her love of the bright and clean flavors entwined with the unique spices was one of her first offerings when she started Catering umpteen(…and she won’t tell us how long) years ago. Along the way she has wrapped herself up in so many other flavors that this first love started to fade to the background. But a recent inspiration set her back into this world and she has been busy busy creating new and exciting versions of some of her favorite dishes with the strong PNW influence. Enjoy…and…no plate throwing please.

The Med Mezes
*Hot Artichoke and Cheese Dip with Crostini (GF without Crostini, V)
*Mediterranean Meze Platter to include: Hand Rolled Dolmas, Olive Blend, Herbed Feta, Roasted Garlic Heads, Hummus, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, and Quinoa Tabbouleh with Pita Triangles (Individual Items Vary from VE-GF)
*Sliced Cucumbers with Whipped Herbed Feta Spread (V, GF)
*Individual Eggplant and Tomato Salad Cups (VE, GF)
*Charmoula Seasoned Oregon Lamb Sliders with Feta, Sweet Walla Walla Onion and Tzaziki Sauce
*Phyllo Wrapped Wild Caught PNW Salmon with Mild Harissa Dipping Sauce
*Rosemary Infused Lemonade (VE, GF)
*Please Inquire for Pricing*

*Hand Crafted Spanakopita (V)
*Quinoa Tabbouleh Filled Cucumber Cups (VE, GF)
*The Hummus Bar: Classic Hummus, Roasted Garlic Hummus, Red Pepper Hummus, Tapenade, Feta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aged Balsamic and Chopped Flat Leaf Parsley with Pita Triangles (Individual Items Vary from VE-GF)
*Chopped Romaine Salad with Sliced Green Olives, Mint, Orange Slices and Sumac Vinaigrette (VE, GF)
*Lemon Roasted Red Potatoes with Oregano (VE, GF)
*Seasonal Vegetable Tagine with Chickpeas (V)
*Eggplant Moussaka (VE)
*Sliced Rosemary-Olive Bread with Olive Oil (VE)
*Basil Infused Lemonade (VE, GF)
*Please Inquire for Pricing*


*Toasted Flatbread with Roasted Garlic-Artichoke Spread, Sautéed Power Greens and Manchego (V)
*Hand Rolled Charmoula Pork Meatballs with Tzaziki Sauce (GF)
*Mediterranean Tapas Platter to include: Olive Blend, Roasted Garlic Heads, Herbed Feta, Hummus, Marinated Bocconcini Mozzarella Balls with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Herbed Garbanzo Beans, Dried Dates and Apricots and Pita Triangles (Individual Items Vary from VE-GF)
*Greek Country Salad with Chopped Romaine and a Red Wine Vinaigrette (VE)
*Couscous with Artichokes and Kale (VE)
*Hand Rolled Oregon Lamb and Currant Dolmas with Avgolemono Sauce (GF)
*Braised WA Grown Bone In Chicken Thighs with Green Olives and Preserved Lemon (GF, DF)
*Focaccia Bread with Olive Oil (VE)
*Mint Infused Lemonade
*Please Inquire for Pricing*

*New Item Mama Anna’s Italian Comforts
*Chilled Roma Tomato Gazpacho Soup Shooters with Burrata Cheese Topping (VE without Cheese, GF)
*Pressed Antipasto Sandwich Bites (Pressed for 24 Hours to infuse the Flavors!)
*Oven Roasted Stuffed Baby Portobello Mushrooms with Hemplers Italian Sausage and Parmesan with Basil Pesto (GF, HAS NUTS)
*TRUE Caesar Salad with House Made Croutons (Has Egg and Fish)
*Baked Gnocchi with Seasonal Squash, Spinach, Artichokes and Capers tossed in Olive Oil (GF, VE)
*Oven Roasted WA Grown Bone In Chicken Thigh with a Creamy Roasted Garlic Sauce (GF without Sauce)
*Scratch Made Bolognese Oven Baked Lasagna:  Layered Delicious House Made Beef/Pork Bolognese with Ricotta, Shredded Mozzarella, Pasta, House Made Basil Tomato Sauce and Parmesan filling both the Belly as well as the Soul
*Roasted Garlic Rustic Bread Slices (V)
*Seasonal Berry Italian Soda  with Whipped[ Cream on the side (VE without Whipped Cream, GF)
*Please Inquire for Pricing*

The Med PNW Seafood Bounty

*Prosciutto Wrapped PNW Shrimp Skewers in a Balsamic Shallot Marinade (GF, DF)
*Wild Caught PNW Cold Smoked Salmon Canape on Flatbread with a Taramasalata Topping
*Med Crudités with a Spicy Feta Dip (V, GF)
*Fattoush Salad with a Pomegranate Vinaigrette (V)
*Couscous with Apricots and Parsley (VE)
*Pacific Sole Roulades with Serrano Ham and Spinach with a Lemon-Caper Sauce (DF)
*PNW Zarzuela De Pescado (Mediterranean Fishermans Stew) featuring Sustainable and Wild Caught Seasonal Seafoods (GF, DF)
*Rustic Loaf Bread with Olive Oil (VE)
Chilled Coffee with Sweet Almond Milk (VE, GF)
*Please Inquire for Pricing*

La Vida Italiano
*Pan Cooked Polenta Cakelettes topped with a Wild Mushroom Ragout (V, GF)
*Italian Antipasto Platter:  Sliced Locally Sourced Meats to include Proscuitto, Bresaola and Salami, Olive Blend, Giardiniera Blend, Marinated Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Gorgonzola, Sliced Tellegio Cheese, Marinated Hand Pulled Mozzarella Balls, Italian Dry Bread Sticks and Sliced Italian Bread (Can be VE, V, GF depending on Selections)
*Italian Wedding Soup Shooters with Hand Rolled Beef/Pork Meatballs
*Arugula, Pecorino, Radicchio and Roasted Pears with Toasted Pistachios and Balsamic Vinaigrette (GF, V)
*Roasted Italian Squash with Blistered Tomatoes (VE, GF)
*Shrimp and Pancetta Pasta in a Ricotta Cream Sauce:  PNW Alaskan Shrimp and Locally Sourced Pancetta tossed with Capers, Onions, Garlic and Arugula in a Creamy Ricotta Sauce
*Tuscan Sliced White Mountain Roasted Pork Belly with Fennel Sauce (GF)

*Sliced Italian Country Bread with Olive Oil Drizzle
*Non Alcoholic Limoncello (VE, GF)
*Please Inquire for Pricing*

GF: Gluten Free   DF: Dairy Free   VE: Vegan   V: Vegetarian
Crescent Moon Catering is happy to provide these options, however we are NOT a strictly GF facility or a Nut Free Facility



PLEASE FEEL FREE TO MIX AND MATCH AMONGST THE MENUS.  WE ARE HERE TO CATER TO YOU All prices are based upon Buffet Style.  Plated Service, Family Style and Passed Service is available for additional fees.  Prices do NOT include Tax, Utility Fees, Transportation/Fuel Surcharge fees or Rental Fees (plates, glassware, linens etc are an extra charge).  **Prices are based on 50-200 person headcount.  Prices are subject to change for smaller events and events over 200** 

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