This is How We Covid

As Crescent Moon Catering continues to work towards the gradual reopening here in WA, Chef Anna has made some decisions about how we will move forward with the Safety and Comfort of both our Clients and their Guests as well as our Hard Working Staff (who by the way is really looking forward to getting back to work). 

Crescent Moon Catering will temporarily change “Self Service Buffet” to “Food Service Line”. What does this mean? The Food Line will look like a normal Buffet, however, they will be single sided and every item from Plates to Butter Slices will be served by a Glove and Mask Wearing Crescent Moon Catering Staff Member. Guests will not self serve. There will need to be coordination between the Event/Host and CMC so that people do not all stand up in line. This will also require more CMC Staff per event and some staff prices may increase to accommodate. 

Crescent Moon Catering will continue all our previous Safe Service Practices (Health Department 100% score for the past 8 years straight) with enhancements to include: CLOTH MASKS FOR ALL CMC EMPLOYEES TO BE WORN AT ALL TIMES DURING AN EVENT and each CMC Staff member will have an individual bottle of Hand Sanitizer. Our Safe Service Practices at events have always included

  • Hand Washing Stations for Staff
  • Gloves readily available for Staff that are changed after each task.
  • Bleach Water wipe downs and stations
  • All accommodated Food Maintenance, Service and Holding practices in line with WA State Health Code. 

Crescent Moon Catering also has some other ideas how to make your event comfortable for Guests during this uncertain time, including different individualized service ideas. Just ask. If you have certain things you are wanting to keep yourself comfortable in your gathering that CMC can help with, please ask. 

We are here for you and truly believe in the term “To Cater”. 

We are in this together. It will be a learning experience as we figure this out together. Lets Be Safe…but Eat Deliciously Together!

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